About Us

CourtWorks is an information portal specialising in the sourcing, uplifting, processing and switching of court and legal-related information.
We have been uplifting and providing data to the Credit Industry for well over 2 decades and are constantly striving to provide a world class service and solutions to bridge the gap between manual processes and automated data provision.
CourtWorks currently provides consumer and commercial credit information such as Default Judgments, Debt Review Orders, Administration Orders and other adverse information to the credit industry from all Magistrates and Supreme Courts in South Africa.


  • The capturing software utilises a double-capturing method and a verification step to ensure utmost quality and data accuracy.
  • Pre-defined fields render data capturing quick and easy.
  • Provision of information to all Credit Bureaus within 24 hours.
  • Increases data accuracy listed at the Credit Bureaus.
  • Target Market:

  • Credit Bureaus
  • Credit Providers
  • The Legal Sector
  • The Courts
  • Adverse Credit Assistance Providers
  • Debt Counsellors
  • Administrators
  • Examples of documents processed by CourtWorks:

  • Default Judgments
  • Administration Orders
  • Curatorships
  • Liquidations
  • Sequestrations
  • Rehabilitations
  • Rescissions
  • Surrender of Estates
  • Summary Judgments
  • Debt Review Orders
  • Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our services.

    Double Capture

    Our data is independantly double captured prior to being triple checked by a team of seasoned data verifers.

    Upliftment Network

    We have DOJ and CBA accredited Court Agents that cover the entire country.

    Workflow Orientated

    Our state of the art API can fit into your systems' requirements.

    Historical Data

    We have a historical database covering 20 years of Court Records.